Opportunity Zones were created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 with the purpose of promoting investment in economically distressed areas of the United States. Investors in Opportunity Zones can benefit from significant tax advantages, including the deferral and reduction of capital gains taxes. This blog post will focus on three key benefits of investing in an Opportunity Zone:

Capital Gains Tax Reduction

Cost Segregation Studies

Avoiding Depreciation Recapture

Bottom Line:

Investing in an Opportunity Zone can provide significant tax benefits to investors, including reductions in capital gains tax, the ability to take advantage of cost segregation studies, and the avoidance of depreciation recapture. However, it is important to remember that Opportunity Zone investments are inherently riskier than traditional investments, as they are often made in economically distressed areas. Investors should conduct thorough due diligence and work with experienced professionals to ensure that they are making informed investment decisions.

This is just one of the many factors that makes investing in the Smoky Mountain so appealing. Much of the new development in the area is being completed in our opportunity zone. Including the new luxury STR development The Lodges at Reedmont. The Lodges at Reedmont sit just minutes from the parkway and walking distance to Soaky Mountain Water Park and have direct views of the Smoky Mountains and downtown Sevierville. Check out the sales kit or get connected with an agent to find out more about this new development opportunity.

Also, if you still have questions regarding opportunity zones, funds, or other tax strategies we have a CPA & Cost Segregation Specialist on staff who can guide you through the process today. Get connected with Matt Tatum today for more information.

Lodges at Reedmont Sales Kit

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